Posted by Kylie South Davidson (Krystal Love) on 12th Jan 2021


New Moon Capricorn Conjunct Pluto 13th Jan 2021


We have a powerful new moon on Wednesday, it is conjunct Pluto, which is the planet of deep transformation. Its a wonderful time for you to meditate on, or think about your true calling … what is it you are here to do? The NEW MOON is the time for manifesting our best life ever, planting the seeds of what you want in life, what is the divine asking of you? What do you truely want?

As chaos surrounds us all around the planet, stay in the eye of the storm. Connect to yourself, and the earth, do the inner work now, and this will be a powerful new moon for you. We have a wonderful opportunity to transform ourselves, and work on what we want in life. Time to dedicate to ourselves, and our inner gifts.


  1. Get clear and write your manifestations. Make sure you write them in present tense, as if you have already received what it is you are manifesting.
  2. Choose your crystals to match your manifestations. (below are examples of crystals you can use)
  3. Cleanse yourself, your space, and your chosen crystals. Dedicate your crystals if need be.
  4. Wait for the New Moon, and then just after the New moon, begin your ritual, by clearing your mind, Surround yourself in White Light, fill yourself with the divine rainbow colours, Light your candle, and your incense, or smudge stick, Spray your essences. Thank the Universe, Angels and Divine Light Beings for supporting your frequency, holding the Light and for Protection.
  5. Begin to say your manifestations. Say them out loud with conviction, feel it in your being, you feel what it feels like to already have it. You bring it from your root chakra right at the bottom of your spine, and bring it through all of your chakras and project it out of your third eye. So see yourself already having it, speak yourself already with it, and feel what it feels like to have it. Gratitude is something always to be remembered. Give thanks to all you have in your life right now, and feel your heart filled with joy and abundance.
  6. Place your written manifestations on your alter, and place your crystals on it, or build a crystal grid over your paper.
  7. Dance, Sing, Chant in celebration.
  8. Be sure to be focussed on your intent, and feel your manifestations already manifest.
  9. Close your ritual with SO BE IT - AMEN, or whatever closing you would like to use.
  10. Blow our your candle, Surrender your manifestations to the universe.

CRYSTALS for this New Moon Conjunct Pluto

Moldavite - a stone for our new times. it has extraterrestrial origin as it was formed when a meteorite struck the earth. It is a crystal for initiation, and is one of the highest vibe crystals you can have. Its deeply transformational, and will help to activate all other crystals as well as yourself. Use Moldavite to energise and align.

Black Obsidian - to help to mirror to you how you can make change in your life. Black Obsidian will help you to move through blockage that are keeping you stuck. The planet for Black Obsidian is Pluto, and is deeply transformative.

Manifesting -

Love / Attract Soul Mate - Rose Quartz, Mangano Calcite, Rhodochrosite

Abundance / Money - Citrine, Jade, Pyrite, Clear Quartz

Health - Garnet, Chlorite Quartz

Many New Moon Blessings to you. May you manifest all your wildest dreams and desires. May you always use your power for the highest good of all. 

Love Kylie xx

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