Dedicating Crystals

Dedicating Your Crystal
Aside from the metaphysical properties of a stone you may dedicate a crystal for whatever you would like or need in your life.  By dedicating a crystal it will become more powerful as it is resonating with you and what you have programmed it for.  You may dedicate it to help you with your health, to attract abundance, as a study mate, for your love life, happiness, developing intuition, meditation, angel connection or whatever you want in your life now. 
The best way to dedicate your crystal is to thoroughly Cleanse Your Crystal using one or more methods.  Then you hold it in your right hand, breath deeply, still your mind and feel what you are wanting to dedicate your crystal to.  Feel and visualise what you want in your base chakra, and push that thought up to your third eye and push it out of the third eye with your breath.  By doing this you will make your manifestation and dedication more powerful.  Whilst still holding the crystal in your right hand begin your dedication.  'I dedicate this crystal to ________ (your dedication), align with the light and for the highest good of all.  So be it, Amen'.  Feel this energy of your visualization going down your right arm and into your right hand and into the crystal.  Your crystal will take on this energy.  Be sure to keep your mind clear and focused on what you are wanting. 
Now you are ready to use your dedicated crystal.  You may top up the dedication any time you feel like it...the crystal will become more powerful as each time you use it as it will have an accumulative effect on the crystal.  The vibrations will become higher each time.  Crystals must only be used and dedicated in alignment with love, light and for the highest good of all. 
All the best with your crystals.  Please contact me with any questions you may have in regards to crystals or crystal healing.