Divine Love Gem Essence


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Divine Love Gem Essence  

A Frequency Upgrade

Divine Love is a consciousness, a state of being. We can only be in a higher love, when we realise that we ARE love, and we are connected to source.

This is a love story, but it is not a romantic love story about falling in love and living happily ever after. Divine Love is a frequency. It is the frequency of pure spiritual love. It is a Free Love, it is Unconditional Love. Divine Love is about the Love that we are. We are Love, and the Higher Heart, if we are in the correct frequency, our heart can propel us forward on our life path with ultimate joy and happiness. Holding this frequency is the challenge.

Divine Love is a state of being, it is being fully connected to source, with an open heart, in love, total, divine love with the universe, all that is, and ourselves. As we are love, we were born that way, and reconnecting to source energy.

To be in this space of divine Love, we are able to bring in our highest opportunities, and divine soulmates, divine mission, soul tribe and so on. It helps you to align to a more disciplined pure lifestyle, It is living the best life ever, sitting in our highest version of ourselves. 

Divine Love is made from Green Fluorite Octahedron, Purple fluorite octahedron, Hiddenite, Kunzite, Petalite, Sugilite, Double fibonacci heart (phi spiral heart), Jain 108 Three Phi Code I love you.

All the crystals used were intuitively divinely guided along with the geometry to bring the magic of the codes of creation. This essence was made in 2019, and not ready to be fully integrated until March 2022. Divine timing as Mars and Venus were conjunct in the sky during this time of release.

"We can only be in a higher love,

when we realise that we ARE love, 

and we are connected to source."

Kylie Davidson