Divine Union Gem Essence


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Divine Union Gem Essence  

Step into your highest frequency, align your inner masculine feminine,

Step into your highest frequency, align your Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine, bringing the ultimate balance. This balance comes from within, it is being in our own power, and a totally sovereign being, devotion to self. Go within, and raise your consciousness. It is an inside job, and has nothing to do with anyone on the outside. 

Integrate the polarities within yourself, give divine love to all your dualities, in - out, light - shadow, masculine - feminine etc. 

Balancing the divine Masculine and Feminine energies brings you a sense of stability and protection. To honour yourself and be in your power so that you have firm boundaries. It is Open Love, Unconditional Love, Open Heart, and deeply nurturing. The feminine gives with all her heart, and the masculine holds space, protects with clear boundaries. 

Know the lessons around your heart are integration of your inner divine lovers, loving your inner wounds, Bring together your divine masculine and divine feminine so that we can rebalance this world with our hearts. Healing our own inner divine masculine & Feminine, I am love.

To be in this space of divine union, we are able to bring in our highest opportunities, and divine soulmates, divine mission, soul tribe and so on. It helps you to align to a more disciplined pure lifestyle, It is living the best life ever, sitting in our highest version of ourselves. 

Divine Union was made during a Venus and Mars were conjunction. The very next day, there was a Jupiter Uranus sextile bringing higher consciousness and alignment.

Lovingly infused into spring water, crystals included are Large tibetan M/F DT, Samller Tibetan DT with heart crystal, Ametrine tumbled, Staurolite, Morganite hearts, Smoky tantric twin DT, Moldavite, Herkimer, ET Multi crystal all is one transmitter, Citrine twin, Supported around the edge with 4 pyrite cubes, Inside a cuboctahedron

All the crystals used were intuitively divinely guided, being Tibetan DT’s with both male and female in the one crystal. Interpenetrating crystals such as Staurolite, and Tantric Twin quartz. The cuboctahedron was chosen as a perfectly balanced geometry, with both masculine and feminine aspects. It is a shape for stability as well as flexibility.