Larimar Gem Essence


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Larimar Gem Essence.  Lovingly hand made on the earth, in cut glass, over 24 hours in Sun and the Full Moon. 25ml Drops, or 100ml spray.

Larimar is known as 'The Stone of Atlantis’ or ‘The Dolphin Stone’.

Larimar is a powerful spiritual stone for our times now, and its qualities include stimulating the earths evolution. It is a stone of peace and healing and is closely connected with Lemuria and the ancient wisdom from that time. Connects the heart and the third eye chakras. It is great for someone searching for their soulmates and is beneficial in past life Karmic relationships. Larimar is a special stone for this time as it facilitates a natural trans like meditation state. It radiates peace and love and promotes tranquility. Larimar also facilitates angelic contact and other realms.

Larimar is a beautiful cooling, calming crystal, much like the sea breeze on a hot summers day. Its like taking a dip in a beautiful calm clear ocean with a white sandy bottom. Larimar is your paradise, your mini holiday to an exotic island paradise, breathing deeply the salty ocean air. Nourishment of connection to nature, and to feel tranquil. 

Larimar will clear away anything that is not needed on your path to your higher self. It will wash away all that blocks you from your higher purpose. As you take a dip with Larimar, you ask the crystal to wash, clear and dissolve all that does not serve you. Imagine Larimar energy washing over you like a wave in the ocean, taking with it blockages that have been holding you back. Take deep breaths as you go through this process. Then you will be clear to receive the true gifts of Larimar, the visions of your ancient future, your new earth, your inner deep calling, bringing gifts from your past into the new and to our new earth. 

Larimar is a powerful spiritual stone for the times we live in now on earth. Ancient knowledge is emerging from the depths of our past. We are relearning how to be powerful and magical. Our ancient futures are the secrets that have been long left from us, that are now here to light the way for our new earth. New technologies, a new way of society, an old way of life. May we remember as we vision our future. 

Larimar is a deep visioning crystal and will help to bring you to a place of tranquil bliss during meditation. From this place, with larimar, you can work on your inner sight, your intuition, your psychic self. 

Larimar is a fusion of air and water elements, and correspond to Uranus (Air) which is for powerful future visioning and life changing forces, along with Neptune (water) to swim the depts of spiritual devotion and dreams. This is beautiful Aquarian Pisces energy.

With Larimar as your guide, you will learn to navigate through obstacles and blockages of your mind, connecting you to your emotional triggers. You then begin to see them for what they are and dissolve old patterns and behaviours.

Larimar is a stone you can use to attract a soul mate or Twin Flame. In the same way written above, it can help you to dissolve conditioning and karmic lessons in order for you to be ready for your divine union. Sovereignty, and being clear on your individual mission, your ancient future is initiation into the world of spiritual higher heart union. This process is one of tremendous personal growth.  

Balancing hot conditions, or anger, resentment, and anyone who is overly passionate or ‘fired up’. Larimar is the perfect cooling, calming, harmonising energy to bring about balance of emotional fire, or physical heat such as hot flushes or feeling overheated.

I highly recommend Larimar to anyone who is ready to journey into their souls evolution. Dive into Larimar, and experience YourSelf on a whole different new level of understanding. Connect to your past gifts and knowledge, bring it into the now. Dream your ancient future with Larimar.