One Love Essence


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One Love Essence 05/04/2020 Pluto Jupiter Conjunction

One Love vibrational essence is a healing essence made during the mass global meditation on 05/04/2020. It is to help us to raise our frequency to One Love, to tap into the frequency, so blissful and so high. As citizens, light workers, healers, lovers, we must align to and hold this frequency. Tap into this daily divine love and bliss that is so potent and widely available to us right now. Feed your aura with light, this pure divine love frequency, and then in turn you are feeding the field of the earth with divine love and healing.

Our planet is facing such challenging time, humanity is under threat due to Covid19. There is much fear in the collective field, however there is also such bliss. 

Today, after being in isolation with my kids for 3 weeks, I woke with such bliss. Not unlike what I have been feeling since this crazy situation began. Yes moments of fear have arisen in me, however, I am in complete joy and bliss most of the time, meditating daily, raising consciousness, knowing that this love frequency I am experiencing is also in the collective field. We have the choice to choose, fear or love. 

There was a global meditation where they called for 1 million meditators, for focussed intention of healing love, one love, unified love for our planet. Spiritual leaders from all over the world joined in, I really felt a part of something so enormously healing and amazing that I suddenly felt inspired to make an essence to capture and bottle this exquisite bliss and love I was experiencing. I immediately knew which crystals were going into the essence, so I collected them, cleansed them, and set them on the earth in a medicine wheel, and a very sacred and special geometric frequency. I managed to set it just in time for the beginning of the meditation, and the exact  alignment of Pluto Jupiter, 24 degrees of Capricorn. 

I have been waiting for these times since I was a child. I knew, and talked about this for as long as I could remember. The earth is changing and so is the world as we know it. 

Whats in the essence ?

Super Clear Quartz Rainbow Double Terminator ~ Heaven Earth Connection

Clear Quartz Large Seer Stone ~ my personal reiki healing crystal

Natural Citrine Termination ~ Bringing the golden light

Auralite-23 Red Tipped ~ for connection to all, accessing the earth grid and all beings

Set on JainPi Geometry in the centre of a medicine wheel with respect to the elements and the 4 directions, with supporting double terminated crystals surrounding.