Nirvana Quartz Gem Essence


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Nirvana Quartz Gem Essence.  Please choose your size, 25ml or 100ml, and if you would like drops or spray.

Nirvana Quartz originates high in the Himalayan mountain ranges of northern India. Nirvana Quartz was discovered in extremely high altitude areas which had previously been covered in ice 365 days a year. It is a unique type of quartz not seen before. Himalyan Ice Quartz lacks the more common six-sided shaft and well-defined termination tips characteristic of much clear and rose quartz and is an extreme example of the type of crystal formation known as growth interference quartz. Growth interference crystals form when calcite or other mineral formations adhere to the crystallizing quartz formation, then disappear over time. This results in the creation of indentations, grooves and other irregularities along the prismatic faces of the quartz crystal, giving amazing metaphysical markings.

Nirvana Quartz is to attune us to the not yet formed potential of what we can be. Growth Interference Quartz to help in the understanding of our ultimate destiny, and understanding that we are brings of light, with access to an perpetual and continuous source of energy. Nirvana Quartz is used to bring access to the astral, ethereal, and higher planes so that we can remove barriers and understand the patience of step by step progression. Growth interference crystals are used to enhance the understanding of blockages we encounter in our search for spiritual, emotional, mental growth, and to gently remove these blocked or stagnant energies. Repeating patterns of negative behavior manifesting in relationships, negative emotional reactions to life conditions , and physical impediments to health and well-being are some of the circumstances Nirvana quartz helps with. The growth interference crystal can help remove blockages in the chakra system, assisting the flow of Kundalini energy throughout the energy centers and bodies. Helps in the removal of doubts and places you into being completely in command of your life. They can be conduits for currents of profound inner illumination, yet this awakening is not an ascension out of the world. It is the incarnation of enlightenment here and now, in the body and on the Earth. It can assist one in coming through traumas and changes with ease, helping to bring forth the understanding of the trauma and how best to change. It in addition promotes the knowledge that the end of each journey, each experience, and each incident is the beginning of a new beginning. Nirvana Quartz can bring the meditator into a deep peace and interior silence, assisting to stop the mental chatter. It provides a feeling of security, warmth, protection and well-being. Can be used by children to protect from physical harm during childhood. Has been used to promote healing of cuts and abrasions and mend incisions after surgery.