Lightworker Essence


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Lightworker Essence 

Five Years ago I began to channel from Divine beings. Information about the New Human, the New Earth, Sacred Geometry, Correctional Frequencies, Light Codes, the Earth Grid, Twin Flames, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Balance, and the 144,000 Souls, Lightworkers and Twin Flames who are here on this planet now to usher change. We live in amazing times, and I feel such gratitude to be living during these times here on earth. We are witnessing profound changes on our planet, and the messages I am receiving its for us to awaken, and to rise to bring and hold Light for the Earth. For Twin Flames to meet and create union in order for them to beam the light house with 10,000 times the light one can beam on their own. This is now the time. Its time to awaken the sleeping, and the ones already awakening and awakened are going through major rough times in order for them to shed old past ways of thinking and being that no longer serve us. The patriarch has taken over for many hundreds of years, the divine feminine in all of us, (men and women) has been greatly surpassed and even demonised. Our magic is gone from our lives and our planet. It is now time that we bring back this magic, we are all being urged to do our inner work, to rebalance, to shed out dated patterning so we may stand and hold this Light. We are powerful beyond measure, and it is now time to take back our power and stand in the Light and Unconditional Love that we are. 

This essence is balancing, and corrective frequency. It is a potent healing frequency. Anyone with any type of imbalance, physical, mental, emotional. I feel greatly that this essence will bring about homeostasis within your energy field and has the power to be greatly healing on all levels. So if you have a physical illness, you need this essence. It can help you to shift mind sets, and your vibrational frequency to Light, and therefore bring about profound healing. 

Humanity is greatly out of balance, we as light workers are here to bring in the light and to balance, correct and usher in change. We need it, look at what is going on in the world, humanity and our planet is sick. 

Built and created on the Lunar Eclipse, 21st January 2019. A potent astrological time where a portal opens and the earth is bathed in light frequency from deep space. 

This essence consists of …

Magic Square of 144 (courtesy of Jain 108) which is the harmonic for 144,000, and vibrates to 144hz. 144 is a fibonacci number. 144,000 relates directly to the speed of light, the Earth Grid is 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second, it is said that there are 144,000 Lightworkers, Twin Flames on this planet to aid ascension.

JainPi 3.144... which is a correctional frequency of Pi, from which Jain 108 has brought to light. I have been channelling the grounding of this frequency for the past 2 years. JainPi is the correction of the earth grid, and bringing this code into your being is greatly healing on all levels. We accept that our living mathematics in nature is slightly off centre, and this is due to our environment. When we look at our environment we see that yes our earth is greatly out of balance. You may notice that 144 is also in JainPi and it is repeated further along the number sequence.

The Rhombic Triacontahedron, 30 phi diamond faces, is a time code, has 60 edges, 32 vertices, 144 degree dihedral angle. This geometric shape is the earth grid. “The real value for the Speed of Light is 186,624 miles per second or 162,000 nautical miles, but in Base 60 spherical mathematics, the original Earth Grid measurement, it is 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second.” Jain 108

So the earth grid is directly in relation to 144,000 and the speed of light. 

Twin Flames - It is said that there are 144000 twin flames on this planet. The phenomena of the twin flames is a buzz word right now, which I thought was ‘new age garbage’ until first hand experience came my way. It is said that there are 144,000 twin souls whom are first generation souls of this planet from Lemuria. Ancient knowledge is being brought to the planet again now, to prevent another ‘Fall of Atlantis’. Now is the time for the twins to unite, however this can only come when we come to the frequency of ‘Pure Unconditional Love’. When the twins align, they BeAm the light 10,000 times of what we can do on our own. If you are on the twin flame journey, you will want to experience this essence. 

Lucky Stars Amethyst crystals x 3. The code of these crystals are very special as they are 3, 4, 5 and 6. The same as the Rhombic Triacontahedron. When we add all of these numbers, and then times it by 3 … we get 54, and 54 is half of 108. This blew me away as the Lucky Stars Amethyst has a direct correlation with the 7 sisters, Pleiades. 

Lucky Stars Amethyst - Metaphysically ‘Lucky Stars’ Amethyst is a crystal for abundance and luck.  They are a bringer of your deepest wishes, and may be used to manifest what ever you are needing in your life.  Lucky Stars are also here at this time to bring spiritual gifts such as visioning, clairvoyance and connection from our earth to the stars, the universe and all that is.  These powerful but gentle crystals are here now and have been given to the world as it is now time to receive these gifts from the earth to further our spiritual connectedness and dreaming.  ‘We are all one’ is the message. Doctrine of signatures are abundant with inclusions, diverse formations, smoky, amethyst and clear all in one.  All IS one !!  They are so cosmic, but yet also grounding….i love these…i want to lay on the earth and meditate under the stars with them all around me !!!

Amethyst is a wonderful healing stone, and is valuable to all beginners to crystal healing. It enhances meditation, promotes psychic abilities by building intuition. It can be used in the treatment of stress, insomnia, mental disorders and promotes inner peace. It is useful in times of personal growth as it increases confidence, self-esteem, courage and will power. Amethyst can be used in the treatment of headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, and hangovers. It has been traditionally used to negate drunkenness and to free oneself from addictive behaviours. Chakras: It corresponds to the third eye chakra. It stimulates then calms the heart and throat chakras.

A one of a kind essence, here grounded on earth for the 144,000 Lightworkers & Twin Flames. It has been divinely guided, and the timing of this essence to be birthed is so special with the Moon being 0 degrees Leo. Time to stand in the light and hold this frequency of pure Unconditional love.