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1. Monthly Subscription $44
Remote Healing Energy once a week
Sent to you 4 times each month during my morning meditation and rituals
2. Monthly Subscription $66
Remote Healing Energy once a week
Sent to you 4 times each month during my morning meditation and rituals
Includes one Crystal and one essence sent to you per month.
3. Monthly Subscription $144
Remote Healing Energy once a week
Sent to you 4 times each month during my morning meditation and rituals
One remote healing session each month, (1 to 1.5 hour session)
Includes one Crystal and one essence sent to you per month.
4. Monthly Membership $333
Remote Healing Energy Daily
Sent to you every day during my morning meditation and rituals.
Included is one crystal and one essence sent to you each month.
5. Monthly Membership $444
This includes two remote healing sessions each month, (1 to 1.5 hour session)
one crystal, one essence sent to you each month,
and daily top up healing energy sent during my morning meditation and rituals.
Unfortunately my website does not support subscription payments,

NOTE : I used to write detailed reports for the healings I would do, however I no longer wish to do that, as it is difficult to remember all of the points after the session of what came through, and it took away from the energy as I was half focussing on what I was to write in the report. So I don’t want to have the pressure of report writing.
In saying that if there is specific messages that come through, I will certainly pass them on to you, and if there is specifically one area that needs more energy or attention I will let you know. 
I have been so blessed to be working in the healing arts for over 26 years. For many years I had a very busy practice in Naturopathy as a Herbalist, Nutritionalist, Essence Partitioner, Massage Therapy and Healing. I offered my own style of massage which incorporated Reiki, and often Crystals. As I became more interested and realised the importance of vibrational medicine, I began to offer my services online as a distant healer, Level III Reiki Master  Practitioner. As my crystal business became more busy, I stopped face to face healing and massage to focus on the crystals, essences and remote healing. Eventually I had to stop remote healing due to the demands of my growing family, and Krystal Love business demands. 
Over the past few months I have been guided to offer healing again to those of you who are needing extra energy to help you through tough times. For almost 3 years now I have been an open channel. I have channeled specific information for myself and my own personal development. Astrology has become a passion, and I am able to incorporate astrology to assist with channelling your healing. I have most certainly focussed on my own healing over the past 3 years, ithas been an intense journey. Our earth is changing, humans everywhere are needing help with raising their vibration, ascension and personal development. Having been on a healing path myself for most of my life, since 2012 and especially over the past 3 years frequency is changing, and I have made many leaps in consciousness, and my healing has become very powerful, im calling it 'NEXT LEVEL' . I feel I am ready again to offer my services as a healer. I have been shown that powerful healing energy is needed, and I am to offer myself again as a channel for this energy to be available. 


Who is Kylie?

Who am I? As I sit to write this piece about myself I really question …

Who am I? ... 

Spirit soul in this human body, living a human experience.

As a child, I remember feeling like I am inside looking out. I often looked at myself in the mirror, thinking … wow, is this really me?

I have always been attracted to the spiritual side of things. My mother when we were kids, didn’t read to us children books, she read us Shirley McLaine books, and followed 80’s health trends. I had a great grounding for my lifestyle now which is one of alternate health and a spiritual practice. My sister Jacq, and I, Aquarians, born on the same day, 3 years apart, grew up in a small country town in Northern NSW, with hardworking parents. We are so fortunate to have had the loving, nurturing family, a mother and father who taught us amazing skills in all areas of life early. One of the most valuable … work ethic.

Essentially I know, and have always known that I am a healer. As a child, I often had my friends come and tell me their problems. I was always wanting to help. As I launched out of school and out of home, my first job was in Sydney, in the bank, where I was exposed to a bully culture. I cried every morning, I did not want to go to that place … I hated working in 4 walls, in a office with nasty people. I could not handle it and I would not put up with it. After getting very very sick with Epstein Barr virus, and having lots of time off work, I realised I would rather be so super sick than to go to that place. Desperate to heal myself, I turned to alternate medicine as I felt strongly that allopathic medicine could not help me. I needed to get back to my true, strong healthy self.

This search led me to leave the ‘big smoke’ and move to Brisbane, which was a big country town in the early 90’s. I studied Massage Therapy which involved many different body working modalities and aromatherapy. I loved it !!!!!!!! WOW !! I found my calling. So inspired that I went on for another 3 years to study naturopathy. All the time feeling like I was relearning herbs from a previous life where I was an alchemist, a witch, an oracle, and I was very lucky to be inspired by some fabulous ‘old school’ naturopaths and healers. I had amazing teachers and mentors.

After graduation I worked as a naturopath for a few years of which I loved making herbs, and helping people, but what I really felt was was missing in a lot of methods of treatment was vibrational medicine. I became passionate about vibrational medicine, broke away from naturopathy, went back to massage where I could play with different methods of healing techniques. I was attuned to Reiki by an amazing healer, Kerry Nijam who is still my main healer outside of myself today. Over a few years I became a reiki master and played with crystals, made essences and was amazed by the magical power of healing. I loved it, I loved how I was helping people in this unseen, powerful way. 

My wish was to own a house full of crystals, and I found myself one day coming home, walking up the hallway with a bag full of crystals I just bought, and no money for food. I thought to myself, ‘I cant eat crystals, so I better start selling them.’ My crystal bug grew and grew, and Krystal Love was born. My love for crystals expanded and my passion was on fire. It was my mission to heal the world with crystals, and my vision was to send them all over the world. I did just that, and I am still doing it. I am the ultimate Crystal Lover.

In the mean time, I met my husband, my soul mate, had 3 children, all the while running a household and a very busy online crystal business as well as every Sunday at the markets in Brisbane city. Fast forward some years, we moved from Brisbane to the Northern Rivers near Byron Bay, which was always a dream for my husband and myself. We were here for almost 1 year in paradise, in complete bliss celebrating each day the magic that surrounds us, and what we had achieved, when David, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We were in for the fight of our lives. After 2 years of alternate medicine and protocols, he went down, the cancer was like a freight train. We had many wins, we believed we could kill it, however finding the perfect set of protocols eluded us, he left his body in May 2016, leaving myself and our 3 children.

During this time I lost faith in all I believed was true … many times. My ideals, my arrogance was very quickly stripped from me. To regain it back again. Realising something about myself, If I truely believe in something I will fight for it, never let go, even if I loose all faith, all hope again, again and again, I become a stronger better version of myself each time. Even if I loose the fight, still I emerge more powerful than before. I have been through the biggest fight of my life and I lost ! I did not give up, even when all failed and I was hanging on by the tiniest thread, I refused to let go. I have gained so much, I will be forever grateful for the lessons I have learned.

Six weeks after the death of my beautiful man, I met my Twin Flame. I have not believed in the Twin Flame phenomenon before now. I will save this story for another time, but I will tell you that this journey has been absolutely full of the deepest gut wrenching grief, the deepest most intense love and the most profound healing. After our first contact, I became a clear channel, and my true healing and grief began. I was entering into a new me, and almost 3 years later my inner work has brought me to where I am today. Healer Heal Thyself. 

I began to study astrology among other things, actually I became obsessed by it and every moment of my days and evenings, was study. I also started Kundalini Yoga, and my transformation has become an ongoing shedding of my skin, and a path to The Rising Goddess, Kundalini Awakening and ascension. I channel what I call ‘The Beings’ and I have never been able to change their name for some reason. They guide me, show me life paths, and information about the New Human, and the New Earth, and what needs to be done to save our mother Gaia. Sometimes I question my sanity, and I wonder about my mental health, but I know deep down that i need to trust in my spiritual abilities as a clear Channel an Oracle and Healer, an Atlantean, Crystal Queen, Mermaid Lemurian, Nature Lover. I am most certainly not the same person I was 3 years ago.

I have been on a lifetime of My Soul Search, self healing and self growth, and I am being urged to share my journey with others.

Written by

Kylie Davidson

13th January 2019

Unfortunately my website does not support subscription payments,