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Jain 108 Rodin's Coil

This powerful Yantra “24-60 Code” delivers 2 Infinitely Repeating Number Patterns based on the Fibonacci Sequence. 1- The 24 Pattern revealed by Digital Compression or Digital Reduction, based on “The Continued Subtraction of 9” and 2- The 60 Pattern revealed by observation of the Final Digits, or based on “The Continued Subtraction of 10”. These two Numbers of 24 and 60 are the Key to Time Codes.

‰_ Stasis. Not Moving. Stillness
‰_ The person is at a high level of Consciousness (Rings of 24 and 60) but has reached a crossroad.
‰_ Artificialness. Unnatural.
‰_ Deceptive, it appears to be Natural. Its pretty on the surface only.
‰_ Both Spirals of the highlighted 9s are going the same way,
it is not obeying Nature that favours Counter-Rotating Fields.

The WHEEL Of 24
‰_  This Yantra (Power Art) is composed of 24 equal-sized Circles that have a common centre,
creating the Illusion of a Vortex or Torus.
‰_ In Version 2, notice the Numbers that constitute the Phi Code 1 (24 Digits that Repeat)
has 24 Spirals Clockwise versus 24 Spirals Anti-clockwise.
‰_  24-24 is not in the Phi Ratio, it is Equal Spin and not favoured by Nature as is the Pine Cone Code of 8:13

Marko Rodin spent 40 years exploring the Binary Numbers and Free Energy.
For further research on Marko Rodin go Vortex Based Mathematics or VBM or or Randy Powell (his student).
Though be careful of some websites which debunk this topic and sacred geometry.

60-Pattern Based On Final Digits
The Infinitely Repeating 24 Code is derived from the Fibonacci Sequence

(1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21) where “Continued Subtraction Of 9” occurs
which is the same as Digital Compression which adds the digits e.g: 34 = 3+4 = 7.
But the 60 Pattern, seen on the outer rim, it is the pattern from the Fib Seq
where “Continued Subtraction Of 10” occurs or examination of the Final Digits.


All the 12 codes of creation have the following attributes

  • Energy cleansing - space clearing
  • Protection from negativity
  • To bring your energy into harmony

You have the option to buy the window decal and sticker with the essence as a charging mat, or for grids to be used in conjunction with the essence. This option is recommended. 


Jain 108 is proud to release the first Set of 12 Mathematica Vibrational Essences, imprinted from the 12 Codes of Creation (made lovingly by Kylie Davidson Krystal Love from the 12 clear Decal adhesive transparencies, and the 12 non-clear Sticker or vinyl adhesives).
Now you can absorb these unique psycho-actives Codes as highly resonant energies that go into the human body system, and acting upon the meridians of your astral and solar circuitry, to reconnect us with the most essential Mathematical Blueprints of Creation a Return to our Centre, a Repair of our Stellar Geometry, to Remember the reason why we came here, and how we can toroidally turn ourselves inside out, to glimpse that Spark that we may have forgotten, and thus steer forward with Self-Knowing and strengthened Purpose.

These 12 Essences act as a mathematical bridge that interfaces the Finite and the Infinite, a true ushering in of a New Era towards the Restoration of the True and Galactic Mathematics, that which is based on Pure and Eternal Principle, that which is The Living Mathematics of Nature, for every cell in the Human Body is geometrically based on The 5 Platonic Solids emblems of Fixed Design.

Jain 108

It is with great excitement that I present to you one of the most exciting set of essences I have ever made in 24 years of essence making.
I have received great inspiration to bottle the magic within the Jain 108 Magical Mathematical Masterpieces, to bring about a new level of healing.
These essences were made during the eclipse window of February 2018. A very powerful and potent time, where the earth is bathed in frequencies from deep space.
Essences are vibrational medicines, and to use the highest mathematical codes of creation in this form is very powerful.
All of Jains designs are highly coded mathematical masterpieces, profound symbols of harmony, equality and balance bringing your energy field to homoeostasis. 
Jains magical healing mantras have been designed using magic squares, and are the pinnacle of perfection in our natural world, the beauty in healing harmonics and mathematics, much like crystals. 
These codes of creation are are ancient timeless gems, that help us to re connect to the ancient knowledge and cellular memory within our DNA. 
So these essence will help to. Awaken the ancient knowledge within us. 
I believe that sacred geometry is the next big thing in healing. Many are already into it, however most are just beginning to awaken to its magic as the keys of the universe, ascension and healing.
These are the best of Jain’s work that has taken over 30 years of passionate research. These Set of Geometries is the Top 12 Arithmetica Codes, the cream of Ancient Mathematical and Geometrical Knowledge.
Now is the time for these frequencies to go out to the world for healing and ascension.
I invite you to embark on this journey of the highest mathematical codes on the planet, and in fact the galaxy for healing. 
These essences are available as individual dose bottles, as well as a set of 12 stock bottles for practitioners to prescribe to their clients as a support to their healing modalities. 
Workshops for practitioners will be available in coming months and as demand for these healers grow. 
Jain 108 is a world class Magic Man Mathematician who has dedicated his life to his work, and has authored 27 books. He is an international speaker, regularly conducting workshops and courses all over the world. He has been the Keynote Speaker at Chartres Cathedral in France this year with Caroline Myss (Author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred Contracts and many more). Jains knowledge sets him apart from most, he has been described as one of the worlds best mathematical brains. More than this, Jain is deeply spiritual, and believes that numbers and sacred geometry hold the keys to the universe.  He makes math interesting, cool and fun, and has brought incredible ancient knowledge into the now, to make it available for humans of today. I believe we will be talking about that great mind of Jain 108 for a long time into the future, and his work will be harnessed by the new age children who will develop a new and better world for us to live. I am honoured to know him and to bring you his work.