SERENITY Gem Essence Room Spray 100ml


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Daily Aura / Room Spray Crystal Gem Elixir Spray 100ml

This delightful healing Daily Aura / Room spray is made from 'Love', 'Healing', 'Abundance', 'Peace' 'Space Clearing', 'Grounding', 'Protection', and 'Chakra Clearing' elixirs, along with a few drops of Sandalwood pure essential oil.  I have used this particular formula for around 1 year and i love it so i decided to offer it to you as a formula.  Below is a description of each individual gem elixir. 

Love Gem Elixir
The Love essence will help you to have more love in your life, whether it be attracting love, finding your soul mate, it all starts with first loving the self.  Place on your heart chakra, bath with it in your bath water, or spray over your aura. You may also take this essence internally.  It will open the heart chakra and let the love in.  It’s a good idea to do some positive affirmations with this essence such as self-love ones. 
The Love gem essence has been made with the following gems, crystals and minerals.
Rose Quartz egg, Rose Quartz Star of David, Rose Quartz heart, kunzite, Lavender Quartz, Prehnite, Emerald calcite, Malachite, Ruby, Manango calcite, Chrysoprase, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Purple Fluorite octahedron, Garnet, Green Fluorite, Larimar, Watermelon Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline, Peridot, Faceted Rubies, Celestite.

Healing Gem Elixir
With archangel Raphael and Jesus, this essence is a powerful healer.  This essence will work on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.  Expect miracles as your healing on all levels is unveiled.
The healing gem essence has been made with the following gems, crystals and minerals.
Golden Healer Quartz, Chakra Clearing Essence, Labradorite, Amber, Malachite, Hematite, Emerald Calcite, Nephrite Jade, Serpentine, Bloodstone, Prehnite, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Rainbow Fluorite, Amethyst, Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Chalcedony, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, steeped in a Green Onyx bowl.

Abundance Gem Elixir
Not only for money and wealth this essence will help you to see there is abundance all around you.  An abundance of love, and everything you need is provided to you.  Place on your solar plexus charkra, spray in the air in the wealth corner of you home and your aura. You may also take this essence internally.
The Abundance gem essence has been made with the following gems, crystals and minerals.
Nephrite Jade, Citrine Spirit Druzy, Citrine Flower cluster, Natural Lemon Citrine Sphere, Natural Smoky Citrine Sphere, Green Aventurine, Citrine Points x 8 Ruby, Carnelian, Garnet, Natural citrine x 8, Black Tourmaline, Moss Agate, Blue Sapphire, Golden Sapphire, Abundance Quartz.

Chakra Clearing Gem Elixir
Spray over your aura to align and correct your chakras.  Fabulous healing tool to keep you going and operating at maximum efficiency all day.  Take it to work with you and have it with you all day long.  You may also dab onto each individual chakra…great to use with meditation and healing essence.
The Chakra clearing gem essence has been made with the following gems, crystals and minerals.
Emerald Calcite, Purple Fluorite Octahedron, Malachite, Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, Hematite, Lapis, Shiva Lingum, Citrine, Amethyst Points, Black Tourmaline, Moldavite, Kyanite, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz.

Grounding Gem Elixir
The grounding essence is a particularly powerful essence which will help the user to become grounded in many areas.  It will ground the physical body and align the soul with the earth.  Very important for clairvoyants, healers and psychics as you must first be well grounded before working.  Great for use during or after meditation, or for people who are ‘spacey’.
The Grounding essence has been made with the following gems,
Fire agate, bloodstone, galena, smoky, tourmaline in quartz, unakite, malachite, apopholite, smoky raiunbows, boji, mochi, garnet, hematite, smoky quartz.

Peace Gem Elixir
The peace essence is for everyday use for peace of mind, peace in your heart, peaceful space or environment and even world peace.  The crystals in this essence have been especially programmed for peace on every level.
The Peace essence has been made with the following gems,
Jadite, amber, Danburite, hematite, kunzite, lapis, Larimar, malachite/ chrysocolla, Prehnite, aqua aura, rose quartz, sapphire, selenite, rose quartz wand, sodolite.

Protection Gem Elixir
This essence is very powerful and will place a protective shield around the aura.  Especially made for protection of the spirit, aura, mental and the physical.  All crystals are powerful protectors and will also protect against electromagnetic radiation from computers and TV etc.  Use this essence everyday to ward off negative energy and protection throughout the day.
The Protection essence has been made with the following gems, Black tourmaline, hematite, smoky, amber, jet, amethyst geode, fluorite, lepidolite, angelite, bloodstone, boji, carnelian, chiastolite, pyrite, jade, jasper, kunzite, labradorite, malachite, obsidian, Prehnite, staurolite, tiger eye, turquoise, lazer quartz, amethyst wand, large obsidian, hematite, black tourmaline wand, clear quartz, smoky quartz, obsidian, tourmaline, jet.

Space Clearing Gem Elixir
The space clearing essence is wonderful for cleansing your environment of unwanted negative energies.  Fantastic for use before meditation in conjunction with the meditation essence.  Spray the elixir into the corners of each room to purify the energy, or over your aura to cleanse personal energy.  You may also use this elixir to cleanse new items that come into your home or objects holding negativity. This essence is very clear in intension and will help to raise the vibration of your space and environment.
The Space Clearing essence has been made with the following gems, Optical calcite, citrine cluster, citrine, amethyst cluster, selenite, jade, charoite, bloodstone, calcite, Tourmaline, chalcedony, fluorite, amber, shiva lingham, Angel wings, black tourmaline wand, large lazer, moldavite.