Amber Turquoise Ruby Pendant 19


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Entia Natural Baltic Amber from Poland with USA Turquoise and Ruby Sterling Silver Pendant.  Genuine high quality stones.  70mm x 20mm.

Turquoise is excellent for spiritual attunement and for providing protection, acting to improve meditation and further peace of mind.  Turquoise is a healer of the spirit; it has also been known to guide one through the unknown, protecting while promoting independence. Acts to enhance wisdom, understanding, trust and kindness.  It is said to stimulate the initiation of romantic love.  Also considered as a master healer, removing negativity.  Chakras: third eye chakra.

Amber is a beautiful and calming bringing warmth and the feeling of wellbeing and health. It absorbs negativity and turns it into positive energy.. It activates life force and brings forth the desire to heal. It is a very important tool for healing where physical illness in involved. Amber when you have a cold or flu, it helps to boost the immune system. Amber can purify the energy bodies, cleansing stagnate energies or blockages. Amber has a clear energy, therefore is great for protection. Amber is closely connected to nature, and will bring awareness of nature and the pulse of the earth. A fantastic healer, everyone must have some Amber.