Aquamarine Blue Topaz Tourmaline Pendant 6


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Absolutely Magnificent Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Tourmaline Sterling Silver Large Pendant.  Absolutely Stunning !! The Topaz has a stunning rainbow. 85mm x 25mm.

Aquamarine is the stone of courage.  Inspires one to learn about oneself.  It provides a shielding property for the aura and subtle bodies.  It helps one to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness.  Provides emotional and intellectual stability and enhances the connection to ones higher self.  Chakras – Stimulates cleanses and activates the throat chakra.

Topaz is a stone for joy, giving and serene. It is a “stone of true love and success in all endeavors”.  It promotes individuality and creativity, with having confidence in trusting decisions.  It is used to stimulate the intellect as it aids abstract thinking and creativity from the mental level to concrete physical form. Topaz is highly energizing and warming.  It replaces negativity with joy and joyfulness. It is a stone of trust and protection as it draws out negativity, exhaustion, and tension. Blue Topaz opens us to cosmic understanding, helping to transcend limitations. It is an emotional balancer, soothing and peaceful. Brings tranquility, creativity, self-expression and enhance psychic perception. Clear Topaz enhances astral traveling and letting go of the fear to it. Golden topaz gives abundance, inspiration and awakening. A catalyst in ‘loving thy self’. It stores information, as well as energy thoughts and love. Golden topaz can be used like a battery if you need recharging. It can be used to attract people for friendship or business. Pink topaz opens the heart to unconditional love and surrounds its wearer with Love.