Hematite Arrow Necklace 10

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Hematite Sterling Silver Arrow necklace.  Fantastic for pain and to absorb negativity. The arrow measures 35mm, and the necklace length is 41cm.

Hematite- boosts the memory and supports mathematical and technical pursuits. It is a calming stone providing for mind, body and spirit balance, and dissolving negativity. It is a grounding stone when used during meditation and is protective for the individual and the home. It boosts self-esteem, self confidence and assists in overcoming self-imposed limitations. Hematite is useful in cooling the body and reducing fevers. It has been effective in the treatment of leg cramps, anaemia and insomnia. It is recommended to aid the healing of broken bones, spinal disorders and backache. Chakras: Hematite corresponds to the root chakra where it has a grounding action.