Hematite Goddess Moon Necklace 13


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Faceted Hematite Moon Necklace in Sterling Silver.  The Crescent Moon is the symbol of the Goddess. The moon is 35mm across, and the necklace 76cm long and may be shortened. 

Hematite is a wonderful stone to bring you back down to earth. A very good grounding earth connection stone. Hematite can help you to stabilise, mentally and emotionally by centring and grounding. Its one of the best stones to take you out of mental over stimulation and anxiety that results from over thinking or mental anguish. Bringing you to the here and now, taking you back into your body. Hematite is also a very good stone for pain relief, by placing the stone over the affected area. Please make sure you cleanse Hematite regularly as it absorbs thoughts emotions and pain.