Larimar Amazonite Topaz Pendant 42


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Larimar Amazonite and Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant.  Stunning AAA+ grade Larimar.  70mm x 20mm.

Larimar is a powerful spiritual stone for our times now, and its qualities include stimulating the earths evolution. It is a stone of peace and healing and is closely connected with Lemuria and the ancient wisdom from that time. Connects the heart and the third eye chakras. It is great for someone searching for their soulmates and is benifcial in past life Karmic relationships. Larimar is a special stone for this time as it facilitates a natural trans like meditation state. It radiates peace and love and promotes tranquility. Larimar also facilitates angelic contact and other realms.

Amazonite – Amazonite is a stone for the Heart and Throat Chakras and acts as a rejuvenator for these areas. In addition it will soothe all chakras bring alignment and balance to all energy bodies, the emotional body in particular. It is a peaceful stone bring harmony and providing a pathway for truth, both with oneself as well as others. Excellent stone for aligning with ones higher truth and to express to oneself and others with love. It helps one to be honest with others without being overcome with emotion.