Malachite Pendant 11


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Malachite Sterling Silver Pendant.  Exceptional quality Malachite, You dont often see it so good. 54mm x 25mm.

Malachite - is a stone of transformation. It facilitates insights and is equalizing and balancing. It helps one accept responsibility for ones actions and brings understanding of required change. When you are ready for your next lesson, Malachite will show you, and can uncover hidden or unseen lessons. It represents fidelity and loyalty in love, friendship and partnerships. It helps one look within and recognise emotional factors contributing to illness. It is also known as a midwife stone assisting in childbirth. Malachite protects against radiation and is useful in the treatment of arthritis, asthma, tumours and broken bones. It also aids in the treatment of abdominal, liver and kidney conditions. Protects against energies from the computer and television. Chakras: Corresponds to the heart chakra.