Spinel Faceted Earrings 2

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Sparkly Spinel Faceted Sterling Silver Earrings. Spectacular quality. The stone is 10mm, and the length is 50mm.

Spinel is a wonderful energy for renewing energy, giving us the extra boost we need to do the things we find hardest. It is a stone of immortality, bringing the energy of beauty before us, bringing freshness and where things are breaking down it starts rejuvenating them. Spinel helps us to accept our victories with humility. Spinel is said to be able to clarify thoughts and creative ideas, as well as attracting the help that is required for any given situation. Spinel aligns and stimulates the base chakra and can activate the Kundalini and is excellent for increasing vitality, confidence and leadership. Activates the heart chakra to open, and accept love, so is good for relationships. Spinel is good for financial gains and protects the wearer against unforeseen losses.