Thulite Ring 1


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Stunning Pink Thulite Ring.  Amazing colour, great size and shape.  The band is size 8.5, and the stone is 24mm.

Thulite is a beautiful heart energy that is gentle and nurturing. It helps to fight the low self-esteem and low self-opinion that is often associated with emotional trauma and illnesses caused by a lack of nurturing, physical and emotional abuse, abandonment, and neglect. It helps us to understand these traits in a deeper sense. Thulite can bring in love, and an understanding of love, to our lives. It can also bring harmony to relationships and wider communities. It helps us to both nurture and love ourselves, as well as the ones we love.
Thulite is useful in combating feelings of loneliness. It is an excellent stone for overcoming arguments as it helps to open our hearts so that all parties involved can see the inner truth of a situation. Thulite is also a great stone for newly-weds and those at the beginning of a relationship as it encourages both passion and sexual feelings. It also helps us to look inside ourselves at our own personalities, to note the unpleasant bits we see, and to set about correcting them. An excellent stone for meditation as it enhances the senses, and blocks unwanted astral and mental influences. Thulite can help us to reach an altered state of mind and a state of spiritual union.