Amethyst Geode Cave 88

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Gorgeous Amethyst Geode.  Perfect terminations and beautiful purple colour.  Makes a beautiful display piece.  Fantastic for cleansing and recharging space. 

2.2kg, 18cm tall, 14cm wide 10cm deep. 

One of the best beginners crystals, Amethyst enhances your spirituality, and brings spiritual light into your aura. Amethyst is very calming, and soothing, and a feel good crystal. You can become mesmerised looking into an amethyst and it may take you to a beautiful serene space. A Very good stone for meditation and when you are beginning your spiritual journey, it will help to raise your vibration and open you up to your inner spirituality and its frequency resonates to the Violet Ray. Amethyst is also a great stone for those wanting to enhance, to develop your intuition and access to your higher self.  If you are working join your inner self, and your personal growth, amethyst is a must have to have in your energy field as it can bring about a sense of self esteem, courage and greatly help with will power which is why it is traditionally used as a stone of sobriety for people who suffer from addictions. An excellent stone for stress and tension, anxiety or depression of any kind. Its also a crystal you can use for sleeping disorders and is one of the recommended stones in the combination for night terrors or nightmares. Amethyst is one of the quartz family, and the mineral that makes it purple is manganese.