ISIS Quartz Natural Point 10


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Gorgeous Rare ISIS Quartz Crystal Point. This crystal is very feminine, being cloudy quartz, with a perfect Isis face. Wow !!  Healing the divine feminine. Powerful beautiful healer, gorgeous energy, perfect healing tool. 180mm x 40mm x 40mm.

Clear Quartz is known as ‘The Master Healer’. It its made from silica or silicon dioxide, which is the most abundant mineral on earth. It will bring clear bright light into your energy field, you may use it to unblock amplify and direct energy with its termination. Clear Quartz will transmute and move negative energy, clearing and energising your energy field. It will help you to feel lighter, and brighter. A great stone to clear your mind, bringing focus and clarity, balance and harmony in times of stress. Clear Quartz is highly programmable, so it is like an energetic blank, for you to imprint whatever you like, or what you want your stone to do for you. A wonderful crystal for manifestation for this reason. It will rarely need to be cleansed and it is self transmitting, however all quartz responds well to running it under water, or recharging in the moon light. Clear Quartz is a must have vibrant healer, and is the most versatile crystal available. Have Clear Quartz in your environment to keep your space cleansed, and help to combat negative energy. May be used with all chakras. The water clear variety is masculine, and is more direct, focussed and vibrant. Where as the Milky or cloudy version is feminine and is softer, and illuminates rather than projects. Its good to have both in one crystal, as well as one of each. 

Clear Quartz, as simple and boring as it may seem is my absolute favourite of all crystals, and is far from simple or boring. There are many variations of Clear Quartz which I call specialty quartz, and each special formation, or inclusion brings added and special qualities to the common quartz crystal. 

Isis Crystal
A crystal with a five-sided face is called and Isis crystal. It is believed that the Isis crystal will put us in touch with and strongly amplify our feminine energy, and can help both women or men to get in touch with their “female” or unselfish side. For men, the Isis crystal will help to become more in tune with their feminine side and to become more aware of the aspects in women that they find troubling. Women, can work with the Isis crystal to help them regain some of that power and energy that society has taken away from them.