Large Smoky Twin Lemurian with Stand 35


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Large Smokey Quartz Lemurian Seed Crystal aka Shadow Healer.  Beautiful deep Smoky colour, Rainbows with Lemurian Markings. 205mm x 105mm x 75mm, 250mm tall with the stand.

Believed to be programed and buried by the magical people of Lemuria.Lemurians assist us in reaching high meditative states and when in laser formation are extremely powerful hands on healing tools. They are primarily feminine in their nature and assist us in accessing the divine compassionate love of oneness. They are protective, sweet, wise and have a powerful beauty. They are waiting for us all to open our hearts to them, and other beings like them, to become a part of the magnificent grid of light they exist in.

Smoky Quartz - dissolves and transforms negative energies and emotions. It aids one in meditation by clearing worries and emotional blockages. It is grounding and protective. Smoky Quartz aids in elimination and detoxification. Useful for those undergoing chemotherapy. Chakras: Corresponds to the root chakra and may also be used on the crown chakra.