Orange Kyanite Rough


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Brings Light into Chakras

Orange Kyanite is rare, and new on the market from Tanzania.  Amazing vibrant orange crystals, high vibration stones.  20-30mm ea. Price is for one stone, please select your quantity.

Orange Kyanite is a stone that is full of light and sunshine.  Like other colours of Kyanite, the Orange Kyanite will align all the chakras, however in addition to chakra alignment, it will bring light and sunshine into the chakras as well.  Orange Kyanite will help us to look within to gain insight into the root of our pleasures and desires.  Its all about looking within, and not looking on the outside for what it is we need in our lives.  The vibrant orange will enhance our creative center, and bring a higher frequency to our creative endeavours. Orange Kyanite will help to combat dark depression.