Quartz Cross Section Hexagon Slice 1


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Hexagon Cross Section of a Natural Quartz Point. Shows the Hexagon and Asterix. 140mm x 95mm x 15mm.


Quartz and the Hexagon

Ever since I have been into crystals I have known that quartz is the connection between heaven and earth, the physical and the spiritual planes or dimensions.  I think I now understand why looking at these cross sections of quartz. 

The hexagon is a six sided shape. It is seen in nature everywhere the bees use it and it represents perfect packing, the most efficient form where it all fits together perfectly.  Six fits perfectly around the one, and this is actually the flower of life, the basis of all of creation.  And within the hexagon is the cube shape that represents the earth.

So the six sides of the quartz that represents the earth (the cube), and the foundation of  all of creation surrounds the one, (flower of life), which is the termination point of the crystal. This termination point  of the crystal is the 7th, that connects us to the unseen, spirit world, to the stars to the force that is all that is.  It corresponds to our crown chakra. This termination point on the quartz is what everything in the physical world surrounds. It is our connection to the heavenly realms, and this is why crystals can teach us and energise us.

So the 6 in its essence becomes the 7 which is the spiritual plane. We have 7 chakras, and the quartz crystal corresponds to us and our energy field as each side of the crystal (6 sides) correspond to the 6 chakras, and then the termination point represents our crown chakra.

More than this, the hexagon Is the Star of David, and the 3d of the Star of David is the Merkabar, which is the vehicle of light.

Quartz is my favourite crystal, I feel it is our great healer, and our source of ancient information. It is the earth and the spirit. I feel this is the beginning to understanding Atlantian crystal technology. 

Taken from and Inspired by the teachings of Jain 108


Clear Quartz - amplifies, focuses, stores and transfers energy. Clear Quartz balls are traditionally used for scrying and enhancing psychism. During sleep it can promote psychic dreams, but some people find that the energy results in severe headaches. Clear Quartz has many uses in healing and magical rituals. Clear Quartz is used in healing rituals, but can also be used to aid healing in general. It is useful for circulatory disorders, vertigo and burns. Chakras: Can be used with all chakras.