Rare Golden Stellar Beam Calcite Cluster 2


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Rare Golden Stellar Beam (Dogtooth) Calcite natural crystal Cluster.  So much nicer in real life.  75mm x 55mm x 35mm.

Stellar Beam Calcite also known as Dog Tooth Calcite.  Opens the mind to Divine Mind and Divine Will.  Perfect crystal for helping to find your dharma.  This crystal is very stimulating to the third eye and crown chakras and aligns with higher chakras in the etheric body making it possible into higher realms of consciousness.  They stimulate remembrance of the individuals experiences in pre birth state of full immersion in spirit and the assist in the recollection of past lives.  The Stellar Beam Calcite also carries with it the vibrational frequencies associated with extra-terrestrial intelligences, and they can help establish contact with these beings in meditation or dream states.  In addition can facilitate travel to the Akashic Records as well as other non physical archives of past knowledge and information.  (from ‘The Book of Stones’)

Calcite - amplifies energy, boosting creativity and memory, overcoming fear and increasing joy. Specific colours have particular properties: Green to soothe the heart chakra and reduce anxiety; orange to uplift the spirit and bring joy; pink for giving and receiving love; yellow for enhancing intuition; and golden for use in times of transition. Calcite is useful for aiding the kidneys, pancreas and spleen, and for decalcification. Green calcite fights infections, yellow strengthens the spine and bones, whilst blue combats back pain. Chakras: Calcite clears and activates all chakras, and particular colours can be matched to the appropriate chakra.