Smoky Quartz Elestial Crystal 10


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Smoky Quartz Elestial Crystal.  Wow ...Beautiful Master Crystal ... a very special must have and are becoming harder to find. 95mm x 70mm x 60mm. 

Smoky Quartz is one of the most common crystals, and is popular due to its grounding, protective and transmutation qualities. Use Smoky quartz when negative energy touches your life, either from your environment, within yourself and your own mind, or from other people. Smoky is wonderful for transmuting negative energy into light or positivity. A great crystal to have on hand of you work in a negative environment or if you are dealing with depression or a negative mind. If you have had a recent trauma, shock or something that has taken you out of your body, you can use Smoky Quartz to bring you back to the earth, and the here and now, helping to neutralise the trauma you have experienced. Use for sleeping, if your mind races at night, or if you have nightmares or night terrors. Smoky us also a great crystal to use after meditation to help you to ground, or for someone who often has their head in the clouds or has problems being in there here and now present moment. 

Elestial Crystals
The Elestial is the enchanted crystal. Their source is beyond time itself and their origin is the celestial realm. They represent the air. They can take us deep within the self, to connect with that which is the innermost truth. The Elestials bear geometric patterns which in and of themselves state profound laws of the universe. It is as if the symbols of a cosmic alphabet have been written and formed in these crystals. These crystals stabilize brain wave frequencies and neutralize erratic confused thought forms, resulting in an expanded state of awareness. Elestials can bring to the surface that which needs to be dealt with and cleansed, and make us aware of that which is preventing us from experiencing truth, from a detached perspective. They can teach us to understand the true nature of our feelings and the importance of learning to express our feelings in the moment that we feel them. The Elestial can help us to understand that which must be accomplished in this life in order to eliminate the need to repeat harsh lessons. They can help us to find comfort during transition. The Elestial can stimulate clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.