Focus Gem Essence


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Focus Gem Essence.  Please choose your size, 25ml or 100ml, and if you would like drops or spray. 


Fluorite, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Optical Calcite, Apophyllite, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Danburite, Selenite, Herkimer Diamond.

The focus essence is an excellent essence to help you to study.  More over it will also help to recall information so you may use it during exams or at times where you will need to bring the information you have learned back into the front of your brain.  This essence is also a great one for focus during meditation.  If you need to slow your mind, focus with breath or on a manifestation, this essence will help you to do exactly that.  Use it for yoga to help you to be here and now, mindful, or a great one for helping you at work, to focus on your work, the job at hand.  Any time you need to focus, and something needs your undivided attention, this essence will help you.  This essence will also help children who are unable to focus on tasks.  It is soothing, centring and grounding and will help to gain emotional control in order to focus.  

These divine essences have manifested from meditation with my personal healing crystals that have been used in many healings with wonderful outcomes.  They are very powerful crystals that want to be shared with others and everyone whom needs their energy.  If you are reading this now or have come across this page, YOU need one or all of these essences.

Wow, what an amazing time we are living in. Especially over the past months, I know many people around the planet have gone through and are going through some tremendous healing.  This is all meant to be, it is all in divine timing as the ones going through this are the light workers, and the healers helping to bring about the changes and shifts on our planet. Its raising the vibrations, letting go of what is no longer needed, in order to move forward into the new age. Old school is out, everyone is changing and shifting into higher dimensional beings, and we are helping one another do this wheather it be negative or positive experiences it is all for our growth. As agonising as our growing pains are, what we go through as individuals are pointers and signs as to what we need to be leaving behind in order to transform into our new and improved versions of ourselves. We are in control of our growth, and as much as we need to sit in our pain, we also need to work through it actively and powerfully as to why these essences are here to help us through this process, and to help us come out the other end and see the light again. These essences have been very carefully prepared and birthed to help us as evolving humans through this amazing process. 

The essences this time around are totally amazing. They were prepared and set under the full moon in Leo, 11th February 2017.  This day also happens to be the day of the lunar eclipse.  An extremely powerful day for letting go and resetting your life. They were left exposed to the healing energies of the entire eclipse window all the way to the 26th-27th February where it was the new moon in Pisces, this time a solar eclipse, also very potent energy for change and transformation. What a time to birth these amazing healers. Working with the crystals and the moon, the planets in this way i found extremely profound for my own development and growth and i am sure you will find this too in these healing tools as you begin to take them. 

The essences i chose to make are dynamic in their names as well as the crystals that have been put into them. The first 9 essences were made during my 33rd birthday 2006, these 8 i felt had to me birthed on my 44th birthday, so they have been in the process of birthing for a long time.  They have come together beautifully and with potent powerful healing energy, ironically made during planetary alignments and the eclipse where the auric planetary system opens and the vibrations of deep space are rayed onto the earth and influencing us deeply. I feel this is not by accident as when i was planning these essences i did not know of the astrology happening over these weeks. 

It was a very intense time for me personally as i went through many intense healing processes.  Release and letting go, beautiful initiation and manifestation process, and many tests from the universe passed and never to be repeated. I was totally stripped back to the essence of myself, absolutely aware of everything that was coming up for me, and it was not only this lifetime, it was many lifetimes, releasing and letting go as we move into the new age where the new earth welcomes us without all of the 3rd dimension denseness and emotional residue. The time for reconnecting to the self, and the true self, what we are here to do, our destiny and letting go of stepping the fear of out to be ourselves in our true nature our true essence.

Each essence was carefully chosen by name, what it was i wanted to create for the times i feel we as humanity is going through, as well as the times that i personally have been going through.  They all seem to be a ‘step up’ from the other essences that i have made previously.  

Gem elixirs help us access the healing support of the mineral kingdom in a very efficient way through their ease and flexibility of application. They may be used both internally and externally, by themselves, or in combination with other vibrational remedies.