AAA+ Rare Golden Apatite Tumbled Stone


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Super Rare AAA+ Golden Apatite Tumbled Stone.  Gorgeous crystals, beautiful rainbows.  25-30mm.

Golden Apatite, a stone of the Golden Ray, aiding to bring in the New Earth Energies. A powerful healing stone on all levels, and caries amazing solar energy. Helps one to move stagnant energy, and fill your vibration with the frequency of the golden sun. A powerful manifesting stone, may aid in bring to you what you need or asking for, helping to break through blockages that may be holding you back. It is a wonderful stone for visioning and developing or increasing psychic abilities and intuitive awareness. Apatite may aid in healing past lives as it facilitates connection to the Akashic Records. Astral travel and lucid dreaming are also aided by Apatite. It will help to clear the mental energy body, to bring about mental clarity and stimulate thoughts and ideas. Great meditation and or sleeping stone.