Aqua Aura Heart 3


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Aqua Aura heart.  Amazing clarity, very special healing stone.  25mm x 25mm.

Aqua aura is quartz that has been coated in pure gold.  It takes on both properties of gold and quartz.  Aqua aura stimulates the throat chakra and encourages opening to channel.  it has also been used to activate other minerals for healing. The properties of gold with quartz provides dynamic results.  Gold symbolizes the purity of the spiritual aspect of "all that is".  The energy of gold can be used to balance the energy fields and to assist one in the elimination of ego conflicts. Gold has been used to open and activate the third eye and crown chakras.

Clear Quartz amplifies, focuses, stores and transfers energy. Clear Quartz balls are traditionally used for scrying and enhancing psychism. During sleep it can promote psychic dreams. Clear Quartz has many uses in healing and magical rituals. Clear Quartz is used in healing rituals, but can also be used to aid healing in general. It is useful for circulatory disorders, vertigo and burns. Chakras: Can be used with all chakras.