Atlantisite Flat Stone Small


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Atlantisite Small flat polished stone. The colours are amazing.  It has beautiful green colours (serpentine), with splashes of purple (stichtite).  25-30mm ea.

Serpentine is for the rise of the kundalini.  It stimulates an opening in the pathway through which the kundalini may travel.  It also helps to lessen the discomfort involved in the movement of energy.  If you place it at the crown chakra, it draws the kundalini up, nourishing chakras on the way.

Stichtite also assists in the movement of the kundalini into and through the heart chakra.  It brings a calming peace where it resides, and promotes thinking with love before speaking with intellect.  Helps one to be gentle with themselves as well as others.  Helpful for positive behavoural modification in children.