Black Agate Flat Stone 1


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Natural Black Agate with Quartz Flat Stone.  Aprox 40mm ea.

The image is an example of the stone you will receive. All stones are individual and you may not receive the one photographed. The price is for one stone. Please choose your quantity.

In general Agates are a balancing and strengthening stone and have a stabilizing affect of the aura. It balances Yin/Yang and in turn also bring into balance the physical, emotional and mental energy bodies. They enhance the attributes of whatever they come with such as dendrites in Dendritic Agate. The have been considered a slower vibration than other crystals, however this allows them to have a longer lasting effect. Agate may be used to awaken your special talents. It increases perception as well as analytical possibilities. Please see the different types of Agates in the information below. .