Brandberg Amethyst Tumbled Stone 1

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Stunning Brandberg Amethyst Tumbled Stone. 15-20mm ea. The price is for one stone.

Brandberg Amethyst crystals allow you to look within yourself, to see past experiences of personal growth. The smoky and amethyst work together to bring the lower experiences of growth to a higher level. The Hematite inclusions bring earth elements which help to keep you grounded while exploring your experiences and evolution of growth. The smoky and amethyst phantoms inside the Brandenburg represent 'levels' of growth. You can look at these phantoms as if they are blueprints of your own life. We continue to grow and evolve like the phantoms in this crystal. Amethyst and smokey quartz phantoms are said to assist in deep healing and cleansing. They can take one prior to and beyond our moment of birth for healing, information, and to unearth potential. The water inclusions are mysteriously trapped in quartz by methane gas. Water in quartz represents fluidity and assists in healing and balancing emotions, so that they fully integrate into self. When amethyst and smokey quartz phantoms are together they act as gate-keepers - offering filters on the crown and root/grounding chakras respectively. Brandberg's are very protective and in time can become like a wise old friend. Brandberg's may surface old issues for you to look at so that you can grow spiritually. Treated with the respect they deserve, they offer enormous benefits to anyone genuinely seeking to improve themselves.