Ruby Fuschite Sphere 6

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Beautiful Ruby & Fuschite Sphere. 55mm.


Ruby is a wonderful stone for energy.  It helps to balance and energise.  It encourages vigour and passion to life.  Great stone for motivation and goal setting.  Balances and stimulates the heart chakra.  Protects against psychic attack and promotes positive dreams.  Beautiful abundance stone attracting stability of finances and retaining wealth and passion.

Full of fun and vibrancy, Fuschite is wonderful for the inner child.  Spontienaity, childlike fun.  Deals with issues of servitude . It deals with  the feeling of ‘not being good enough’ . It helps shift negative energies into positive channels and teaches self worth. . It alleviates emotional stress and helps us to look forward joyfully to the future. Physically it increases flexibility in the muscoskelital system. Chakra - Heart.