Ruby Kyanite Sphere 3


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Beautiful Ruby with Kyanite Sphere.  Gorgeous heavy stone, beautiful combination, amazing power and energy. So much better in your hand than the photo. 42mm.

Ruby is a wonderful stone for energy.  It helps to balance and energise.  It encourages vigour and passion to life.  Great stone for motivation and goal setting.  Balances and stimulates the heart chakra.  Protects against psychic attack and promotes positive dreams.  Beautiful abundance stone attracting stability of finances and retaining wealth and passion.

Kyanite is a transmitter of high energy frequencies.  It is wonderful for meditation and attunement.  It instantly aligns chakras and subtle bodies. Kyanite does not retain negativity and therefore does not require cleansing. It has a tranquil and calming effect, dispelling anger and negativity. It facilitates communication, meditation and psychic awareness. It aids one in manifesting visualisations into reality. Kyanite is useful for the treatment of muscular and urogenital disorders as well as throat conditions. Chakras: Corresponds to the throat and third eye chakras.