Super Seven Like Freeform 2


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Super Seven 'like' polished stone from South Africa, these are so special, their frequency is extra high, unearthed for now times.  40mm x 20mm.

Although these are not genuine Super Sevens, they are very special, like Super Seven, Auralite-23 and Lucky Stars Amethyst. Full of inclusions, and very high vibe. Unearthed in Africa, Very special crystals for this time we are going through globally right now. 

Super 7 is also known as the 'Sacred Seven', also 'Melody Stone'.  It is the combination of 7 minerals that include, rutilate, amethyst, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidoctocite, clear quartz and smoky quartz.  This stone contains all the energies of the 7 stones.  This stone promotes conscious awareness, and assists one in seeing auras.  In addition it helps one in advancement with the cosmic plane.  It never needs cleansing or recharging.  It enhances telekinetic, telepathic, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and wellness on all levels and for earth healing