Clinozoisite Tumbled Stone

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Clinozoisite Tumbled Stone. 25-30mm.

Clinozoisite works with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, enhancing emotional clarity, support, bonding, nurturing and loyalty.‰Û¬‰Û¬Clinozoisite helps to ease the pain of a broken heart. It allows clarity and understanding as pertains to the lessons learned from to the experience. It is useful to find a place of forgiveness for self and others, and to move forward stronger and more self empowered.‰Û¬Clinozoisite can ease stress and tensions in time of crisis.‰Û¬Clinozoisite is an excellent crystal to use when detoxing the body, especially when the body has gone through any type of radiation. It’s a wonderful stone for balancing and stabilizing the body's energy flow, enhancing the healing and/or recuperative process, increasing vitality, and enhancing feelings of optimism and hope.