Cuprite Tumbled Stone


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Cuprite Tumbled Stone.  Extreemly high energy stone, so this one will wake you up and get you on the go. 25mm.

Cuprite is for you if you need a lift, or top up of energy. Cuprite is high energy, bring vitality, increased energy levels and flow of energy. It also activates the Kundalini energies. Cuprite also helps us connect with our inner guidance and use the information received and bring it forth to create in our physical world. Cuprite is said to connect us to the Divine Feminine, or the innermost part of our intuitive nature and can help in all female relationships, issues surrounding female organs and hormones, plus our own introspection. Being a lower chakra stone and an energy booster, Cuprite can aptly assist in the realms of the physical, in particular, fertility, circulation or releasing fears and traumas held from the past which are mostly stored in the lower chakras.