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Krystal Love

Small White Sage Smudge Stick 12cm


Small White Sage Smudge Stick 12cm

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Small White Sage Smudge Stick. 12cm.

 To "Smudge" means, to cleanse with smoke!

Among the many ways to clear negativity, is the North American Indian custom of SMUDGING.

Certain herbs considered sacred are burnt; thus producing smoke, (traditionally by fanning with feathers) to drive away negativity and evil spirits.

 It is recommended to use earthen bowls to hold sand to extinguish your bundles after use, as using water is considered a disrespect to the fire spirits.

In the old way, the end of your herb bundle was lit using the flame from the council fire. We have found a candle to be the safest & most effective alternative, as it can take a while to get it burning.

The smudge bundles are tied with horse tail as was done in the old way and also, to avoid the risk of injury or damage caused by using flammable materials, such as cotton etc.

Although smudging does mean 'cleansing with smoke', there are other benefits when you light your herb bundle. All herbs are healing and when burnt, also release that healing energy to you and to the universe. Another benefit is the aromatherapy provided by the fragrance of the burning herbs, which can be as simple as just enjoying the EARTHAROMAS.

So, when burning the herbs, the idea is to release their energy and aroma as well as the smoke, NOT to create excessive smoke, as this can cause discomfort in some people. It is also recommended to avoid smudging during pregnancy and around infants.

A suggested cleansing ritual of one's self is as follows; after lighting the smudge bundle offer it to the cardinal directions, i.e. north, east, south and west and up to the Eagle Nation and down to the Stone People. Now wash the smoke over your self by bringing it toward the heart and while gently inhaling, pull it up over the head and then down the arms and the rest of your body.

You may also cleanse your home or environment with smudging by fanning in each corner of each room along with a prayer.

The selected herbs are organically grown, then picked and dried and bundled in various combinations with much love and care, just for you.

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