Stromatolite Tumbled Stone


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Stromatolite Tumbled Stone. Gorgeous patterns, amazing feel.  30mm ea.

Stromatolites encode the role that ancient microorganisms played in the evolution of life on earth and in shaping earth's environments.   In many respects stromatolites are the most intriguing fossils that serve as our singular visual portal into deep time on earth, the emergence of life, and the eventual evolving of the beautiful life forms from Cambrian to modern time.  What an incredible energetic role these fossils provide in terms of supporting evolutionary changes, particularly in the cycles of creation and in the shaping of our reality.  They have the very patient, steady energy of a jasper as well, bringing temperance and steadfastness to any process or person.  This stone promotes adaptability as well as encodes information for the evolution of consciousness as extrapolated from ancient times.  Stromatolite are the only fossils encoding the first 7/8th of the history of life on earth.